Thirty eight players for this enjoyable match played in good spirit. It was a good game but the men were victorious on this occasion (Men 7 ½ Ladies 2 ½ ) Congratulations to all!

The Barnes Trophy 2016 which is awarded to the average score of the best medal scores for the men was won by Ketih Brothers ¡Congratulations!


On Sunday, the 17th of January, we played our traditional competition of the “Three Kings” in which both members and guests participated in. The mixed competition was played in the Stableford format.

It began with the “shotgun start” and all the golfers really enjoyed the day, although the temperature was lower, there was plenty of sunshine throughout the day.

After the competition the golfers and their companions enjoyed a delicious lunch in our Club House.

Here are some pictures of the awards ceremony;

3 KINGS 2016


On 1st November, precisely at 9:00 in the morninig, the starting signal was sounded proclaiming the start of the Halloween 2015 mixed competition. This great event was sponsored by the company Specsavers. The entire proceeds will go to the Emmaus association, which is a nonprofit organisation designed to accommodate and help both young people and adults going through difficult and stressful times in their life. The competition was a great success bringing together 44 players of both sexes for this cause. From the minute the competition began, there was a great atmosphere helped by the fact many of the players were in fancy dress. In fact, awards were handed out after the competition for the best female and male fancy dress costumes. Besides the actual golf played, the players enjoyed a lovely meal in the Club House, with a raffle and several fun activities to help raise funds. The total sum of 1.215 € was raised by the days fundraising activities which will certainly contribute to improving the lives of many young people.

To continue, here is the list of winners and their fantastic scores:

1st place: Marlise Achcar, Paul Holtel, Geoff Rowe and Nabil Achcar.

2nd place: Raul Buigues, John Rhodes, Barry Roberts and Sandra Wood.

3rd place: Keith Brothers, Ruud de Voss, Judy Harland and Helena King.

NTP female: Renske De Vos.

NTL female: Pamela Roberts.

Winner of the best female fancy dress costume: Elke Woods.

NTP male: Paul Verbist.

NTL male: Alan Neish.

Winner of the best male fancy dress costume: Ruud de Voss.

The last day of May we held in our club the third annual event of the President Trophy Cup. A traditional meeting where the young promising stars of golf form all over the Comunidad Valenciana gather to compete and to out play each other. In the third annual event, a total of 58 players participated, belonging to the categories of Alevin, Benjamin and Infantil. The competition took place under great conditions, as much as for the excellent current state of de Course and for the fine warm weater, wich reached a maximum of 25ºC, coupled with light breezes and white clouds in abundance that shaded the sun periodically to give light relief to the players on the Course. In this third event, the intake of participants were significantly fewer than previous years due to the absence of the Cadets. The lower influx of players made it possible for the parents of the children to join them on the course and they enjoyed the game as much as the players did.

Below are the more significant results of the game:

Alevin female: Minoo Mousavi Nejad 71, Carla Bernat Escuder 73 y Thalia Perez Vieco 78.

Alevin male: Jose Luis Ventura Escrig 63, Lucas Romeu Chen y Javier Romeo Balbastre, both with 68 points.

Benjamin female: Isabel Mas Pitarch 38, Natalia Fiel Ros 42 y Paula Belloch Silla 43.

Benjamin male: Sergio Morales Navarro 32, Alejandro Rubio Alguacil 33, Hermann Gavilan Fernández 35.

Infantil female: Martina Muñoz Claverol 73 points.

Infantil male: Navid Mousavi Nejad 63, Pablo Puig Silla y Alexander Bakri Sánchez both with 64 points.

At approximately four o´clock, the prize giving commenced and was presided over by the Presidente of the Federation of Golf of the Comunidad Valenciana, Andrés M. Torrubia. He, alongside D. Alfredo Martínez Ruiz, the Vocal of the Committee of Prizes and D. Vicente Navarro Ahuir, Vocal of the Youth Committee gave thanks to the parents and their childrens for their participation and in general to the staff of the Club de Golf Ifach for the impecable conditions of the Course and the attention recivied.


Sunday, 12th April we held in our Club the traditional charity competition in aid of APASA, an animal welfare association situated in Javea.

The event consisted of a mixed stableford tournament, barbeque, raffles and live music.

In solidarity of the event, 44 golfers atended, and the tournament began at 9 o’clock sharp despite the bad weather.

At 13:30 John Rhodes presented the prizes in the Club House. In third place went to A. Ford, A. Cousins, P. Roberts and H. Parry. In second place went to the team consisting of M. Achcar, J. Rhodes, G.Meyer and B. Roberts. Finally, the winning team of the APASA 2015 competition went to R. Linder, R. Woods, J. Shrimpton and R. Brunken.

After the 18 hole competition, all that were present enjoyed a fabulous barbequie in the Club House were they were thoroughly entertained by great music played live thanks to the musicians of the “The OK Band”.

Also there were raffles played in aid of the charity and a wonderful auction was held in wich many members expresed their commitment to the cause.

All with the objective of raising money to support APASA and for the tireless, great work they carry out in aid of animal welfare.

Their goal was achieved since the total amount that was raised was 1060 euros which will go in its entirety to APASA.

Another example of golf gelping a great cause, for yet another time.


On Sunday March 1st we celebrated our traditional club competition in fond memory of our beloved Peter Busby (Treasurer and member of the Club for over 25 years). The event included a competition in “four ball, better ball” format where the men competed against the ladies. Afterwards it was the men who claimed victory. After the game, our captain, Paul Verbist, has conducted the annual awards ceremony. Finally, our 30 participating members  enjoyed a wonderful meal at the Social Club. Here is a snapshot of all the past winners 2014. Congratulations to all of them.

On Sunday February 15th we honoured the late Peter Busby, for his contribution to the club for decades with a traditional male competition format “Four ball, better ball”. Against all odds, the competition was played in lots of sunshine and a good temperature too and was attended by about twenty members and friends of the Club. The third place went to the team of Patrick Shortt and Keith Brothers, with a score of 60. The second to Alfred Colclough and Alan Neish with 59. After a tiebreaker according to handicap, Richard Bates and Peter Hill took the fantastic cup, also with 59 points. Here they appear next to our captain, Paul Verbist. Congratulations

On Sunday 8th of February, we celebrated the traditional February Mens Medal. Despite the cold, twenty of our members and occasional visitors participated in the competition to play for the medal. Only two of them succeeded; second category, Raul Buigues Caballero, was first with 67 points, followed closely by Antonio Buigues Tormos (68) and Barry Roberts (68). In the fist category was Javier Martí with a fantastic score of 59 who emerged victorious. Patrick Shortt (61) and Alfred Colclough (64) finished second and third respectively. Here we see Javier Martí holding the prize with John Rhodes. ¡¡Congratulations !!

On Sunday January 25th we celebrated at the Club, the Arlandis Trophy 2015. A tradicional male stableford competition, in wich 22 members participated. They all enjoyed excellent weather and great conditions in which our course is right now. After the competition, our captain Paul Verbist, distributed prizes among the top three players (Raul Buigues and Patrick Short, second and third place respectively), and the winner of the Arlandis Trophy, John Rhodes. Here we have captured the moment. Congratulations to the winners !!!