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Last Friday, August the 18th, the Golf Tournament “La Marina de Ifach” was presented at the facilities of the Ifach Golf Club in the presence of the Club Manager Juan Moragues and the Sports Councillors of the Townhalls of Benissa – Xavi Tró – Mario Font of Teulada and Domingo Sánchez of Calpe.

Juan Moragues, the manager of Ifach, reports that the tournament is sponsored by the municipalities of Benissa, Teulada and Calpe. The idea arose with the possibility of what the three municipalities could offer and which surpass the territorial limits of the area, in this case of golf. And although physically, the club is situated in Benissa, it is evident that our client base is as much of Residents as it is of tourists of the three towns. Why Golf? Golf is a booming sport, it is a sport to be played outdoors, covering a wide spectrum of ages. It is a sport whose practice evokes the values of sportsmanship and the application of the “rules of etiquette”. It is a sport that can be practiced both alone or with family and friends. According to a recent study by the Chamber of Commerce of Alicante, golf on the Costa Blanca is clearly becoming substantial for the economy with a marked aspect of the seasonal tourist being an element of the Costa Blanca dream. Direct from the Ifach Golf Club, we have decided to share this sport with the general public. The result of this is a much greater awareness of the sport, various proposals actioned, free golf baptisms, as well as agreements signed with neighbouring villages who have the ability to offer golf in their municipal sports schools. Having entered the Tournament itself, the name comes from three characteristics shared by the three municipalities: They all belong to the Marina Alta region, they are all bathed by the Mediterranean Sea and all have the same visual reference; referring to the rock of Ifach, the symbol of the Costa Blanca, hence the name…..”The Marine of Ifach”. The Tournament will be played on September 10th at the Ifach Golf Club in Stableford form with two categories for the men and the ladies. The registration period ends on September 6th at 8:00 pm and registration can be made by email to info@golfifach.com or by phone on 96 649 7114. Discounted prices have been established to encourage player participation; 26 € for visitors and 15 € for members. Depending on the number of entries, one or two shifts of departures will be established. Each player with a greenfee will be presented with a welcome pack ( including promotional golf material) and there will be prizes, consisting of golf material, and trophies for the winners of each of the categories ( two for the Mens and one for the Ladies.) There will also be a prize for the nearest ball to the flag and the longest drive as well as for the winner of Scratch. At the end of the match, there will be a raffle giving away golf equipment and greenfee invitations from other clubs. A cocktail will also be offered to all attendees. From all at the Ifach Golf Club, we would like to invite everyone who is a golf lover to come and participate in this first edition of the Ifach Marina Tournament, so that they can share in our facilities and enjoy the beautiful views.

 Following are statements from the representatives of the Benissa, Teulada and Calpe Townhalls. The following representative is Xavi Tro – of Benissa. For the Sports Council of the Benissa Townhall, the call for this 1st tournament has been a success – The Marina de Ifach – co organised with the neighbouring councils of Calpe and Teulada and of course, vital and essential in this common project that we started, the Club de Golf Ifach, with its director, Juan Moragues, who will be at the fore. The participants will be able to enjoy on the 10th September a first class sporting competition on a course that dates back to 1974 set in an idyllic environment and landscape. Benissa is starting a collaboration for the promotion of this sport to encourage more fans and participation. It’s situated ideally for players of all levels and ages and very soon, our municipal golf schools will be starting.

 Mario Font . Sports Councillor of the Teulada Townhall. Good Morning to all. From the Sports Department of Teulada, we are pleased to participate in this event. Once again the union of sport and tourism takes centre stage in our town and surrounding areas. We understand that this type of tournament is presented as an opportunity to show the great range of skills being performed. Aswell as this, and not least, we believe that any activity promoting golf and its values must always be supported. In particular we understand that this type of event will help to make golf better known to all our citizens and to demystify golf as an elitist sport that is inaccessible to the public. We also want to emphasize the fact that it has been organised jointly with the Townhall of Benissa and Calpe, we value this very positively, hoping that we can carry out many more joint actions given the similarities of our villages. In conclusion, we would like to thank both the Ifach Golf Club and the Calpe and Benissa Town Halls, represented by their Sports Councillors, for their efforts made to make this tournament a reality. Nothing more to do now than to invite all citizens and visitors to come and participate and to enjoy this tournament.

 Domingo Sánchez, Sports Councillor of Calpe Townhall shares the statements of his counterparts, with special emphasis on the importance of both the tourism and the actual sporting event and its position on the Costa Blanca, inviting all citizens to come and participate.

 The event ends with picture presentation of the Tournament Poster.


On Wednesday, 26th of July, the Golf Club Ifach, together with the Sports council of Benissa Townhall, prepared a morning of golf to mark the end of the activity of “Multiesport” for the summer. It is a sport unknown to most of the children so we wanted to give them the opportunity to be introduced to it. The Valenciana Federation and the Spanish Federation both collaborated with Ifach by supplying us not just with the equipment needed, but also with the monitors as well. Jose Ramon Piñol of the Elche golf school and Natasha Fear who plays as a professional on the LETAS circuit ( Ladies European Tour – Professional Series) joined the students during the mornings golf. The students had a great time and thoroughly enjoyed their introduction to golf. We would like to thank both the Spanish and Valencian golf federations, the Benissa Townhall and its sports councillor Xavi Tro and his coach Pere Tent for making it all possible, and giving the opportunity for 150 children to enrol in the golf school in Benissa. Therefore, all students who wish to enrol in the OMIC from July 31st to August 28th, the course will be held during the entire school year in our facilities.

As is our tradition, on the 10th June, we celebrated the event “HOLA VERANO BENISSA” whereby for another year, we opened our doors to all citizens and visitors of the area. Throughout the day, greenfees were offered at reduced prices as well as free golf lessons for complete beginners from 5:30 pm through to 7:00 pm. The event was a complete success, with many participants taking part and thanks to these types of projects, having the opportunity to initiate in this great sport.

From the 1st of July, we had the opportunity to welcome Mika and Mira, the new managers of our Clubhouse.  Both are cooks of recognized professional standard, each with their own different style, Mika specializes in typical spanish home style cooking, whilst the international cuisine which is frequently demanded by our clientele is left in the hands of Mira.  Both make every effort to offer quality dishes at affordable prices.  Since opening, the members and visitors have all been pleasantly surprised, not only by the food but also by the friendly and helpful service of Mira and Mika and their team.  So all of this and adding the unique location of the bar makes us anticipate many happy years of professional success.

Last Saturday, June 24th, our golf classes that have been a fixture for the past five years direct from our facilities by our resident golf pro, Kiko Marques Garcia, a great person and a professional with a long history in teaching have now finished for the summer break. On Saturday morning, the adult golf sports school of Teulada City Hall closed with a nine hole fun competition celebrating the final day which ended on the terrace of the bar, and all enjoyed the great atmosphere helped in part by the beautiful views surrounding our Clubhouse. Then, in the afternoon, he concluded the childrens classes with a mini tournament. As in previous years, snacks and a dip in the pool of the Masia Sant Jaume were offered to all the children. We would like to thank our golf pro Kiko for his great dedication, professionalism and integrity in the teaching of both courses and also we would like to remind everyone that in October we will start again for the new term for both adults and children. Soon we will inform you of all the new schedules and prices and where you can register.



On Sunday, June 18th, we had the honour of commemorating the 43rd anniversary of our Club, with a fantastic competition in which a total of 41 players participated. The mixed stableford competition began at 9 am on a sunny and hot day, with temperatures reaching up to 30ºC. Keith Harding, and our Captain, John Rhodes handed out prizes for the first 6 places. In 6th place – H. Hellstrom with 36 points; 5th place – R. Evans, also with 36 points; in 4th place – P. Thompson with 37 points; 3rd place for John Rhodes with 38 points; 2nd place for Keith Brothers also with 38 points and finally the first place was awarded to Al Colclough with a wonderful result of 39 points.

Congratulations to everyone.

On Sunday, June 11th, we had the opportunity to celebrate the last mens medal of the summer, since as every year, during July and August, the competitions are suspended. A total of 29 players, mostly members, arrived on time for the game. The day promised great weather with completely clear skies and temperatures that hovered around 28ºC in the shade. The results were good in the main, especially in the first category. In the second category, Kurt Christen came in third position with 64 points; George Larkin was second with 63 and David Wood won first place thanks to his 61 points. In the first category, it was Alan Ford who finished third with 58 points; second place went to Rudolph de Vos with two minus (56) and finally in first place and winner of the Medal Cup went to our regular winner…..Milan Dikken with a fantastic score of 55 points.

Congratulations to the winners!

During the 3rd and 4th of June we hosted the annual Mens Championship 2017.  On this occasion, a total of 30 players participated in the competition.  The first day of the competition, on Saturday, we had clear skies and with temperatures heralding the start of summer.  However, on the Sunday, the second day of the competition, the day dawned cloudy, and was overly windy, which quite possibly could have influenced the results. Taking into account the combined scores of both days, the winners of this important competition were: In 3rd Place – Raul Buigues with 140 points. In 2nd Place – Milan Dikken with 139 points. And finally the Championship 2017 Cup was awarded to Peter Boydell who netted a fantastic result of 134 points. Congratulations to everyone!

On the 17th and the 19th of May, the Ladies Club Championship was held at Ifach, which is one of the most important competitions. This year there were 14 players; all members of our Club.  The winner of the first day was Anne Bain with 63 points, in second place was Rita Linder with 62 points and in third place was Toni Rowe with 60 points. For the second day, the winner was Marlise Achcar with 62 points, in second place was Rita Linder with 64 points, and in third place was Toni Rowe with 59 points. With the accumulation of both days, the final result was as follows:

1ª. Rita Linder with 160 points.

2ª Anne Bain with 163 points.

3ª Marlise Achcar with 166 points.

After the competition, all the ladies enjoyed a fabulous lunch courtesy of our ClubHouse

Congratulations to the Champions!

The Ladies May Medal took place on the 10th May, with 12 players taking part in the competition. With a spectacular climate, it was a great competition. In the first category, the winner was Helena King with 61 points, Rita Linder came in at second place with 62 points and Toni Rowe in third place with 66 points. In the second category, the results were the following; Rosie Mueller in first place with 72 points; Sandra Wood in second place with 73 points and Elke Woods in third place with 74 points.Congratulations to the winners!