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On the 17th and the 19th of May, the Ladies Club Championship was held at Ifach, which is one of the most important competitions. This year there were 14 players; all members of our Club.  The winner of the first day was Anne Bain with 63 points, in second place was Rita Linder with 62 points and in third place was Toni Rowe with 60 points. For the second day, the winner was Marlise Achcar with 62 points, in second place was Rita Linder with 64 points, and in third place was Toni Rowe with 59 points. With the accumulation of both days, the final result was as follows:

1ª. Rita Linder with 160 points.

2ª Anne Bain with 163 points.

3ª Marlise Achcar with 166 points.

After the competition, all the ladies enjoyed a fabulous lunch courtesy of our ClubHouse

Congratulations to the Champions!

The Ladies May Medal took place on the 10th May, with 12 players taking part in the competition. With a spectacular climate, it was a great competition. In the first category, the winner was Helena King with 61 points, Rita Linder came in at second place with 62 points and Toni Rowe in third place with 66 points. In the second category, the results were the following; Rosie Mueller in first place with 72 points; Sandra Wood in second place with 73 points and Elke Woods in third place with 74 points.Congratulations to the winners!

On Sunday, 14th May, our members demonstrated once again their generosity and commitment for the care of homeless animals, attending a large event at Ifach, organised by Arthur Locker in benefit of APASA, an animal protection society located in Javea. The competition in a stableford team format began sharply at 9 o’clock whereby a total of forty players took part. The day offered its finest weather, with plenty of sunshine, gentle breezes and temperatures around 24ºC.  The game was followed by the corresponding awards presentation led by George Larkin and John Rhodes.  The winning teams were:

1º. Rita Linder, Norman Bain, Gary Wareham and Graham Matheson

2º. Keith Brothers, Helen Harding, John Rhodes, and Toni Rowe

3º. George Larkin, Karl Schlup, Henrik Hellstrom and Johan Johanssen

 After the game, all the players and their families enjoyed a great meal at our Club House accompanied by a live band playing great music of pop and rock songs, subsequently managing to practically get everybody up to throw themselves around on the improvised dance floor. At the end of the day, APASA received a cheque for 1,765 € which goes to show as always, the commitment of our members to this cause.

On Mothers’ Day, the first Sunday of May, 28 players arrived promptly for their monthly medal. The day dawned perfectly for the occasion and everyone was able to enjoy temperatures almost reaching 25ºC whilst playing on a golf course in optimal conditions. Perhaps for that reason the results were particularly good. In second category, the third place went to Jesus Ribes with 60 points, in second place was Ian Pearce with 59 points and in first place, was for our current captain, John Rhodes, also with 59 points. In first category and in third place went to Norman Bain with 60 points, Milan Dikken following behind with 58 points and a deserved first place win for Patrick Shortt for his fantastic result of 57 points. Congratulations to the Champions!

For more than 7 years, the 6th tee, par 3, on the course, could be played as much from the red markers as well as from the yellows. It has been a great decision of the members combined with a proposal from the board to completely renew this tee. Today we can offer our members and visitors, one of the best tees of Ifach, the 6th hole. The new tee has been completely redesigned, including the construction of a stone wall, planting of new trees, widening of the surface both for the width and the depth. We have renewed the playing surface with new grass and a new irrigation system and landscaping of the adjoining areas. Now the tee has three platforms for different heights and distance. Today at midday, as part of the inauguration, the Captain, John Rhodes will be the first to try out the new tee.  The event was attended by the members of the Board of Directors, the greenkeeper Phillip Davies and the Course Director, Juan Moragues. Now our only wish is that the new tee 6 which is probably the best par 3 of the course will be loved and enjoyed by all who visit us.

On Sunday the 23rd of April, a total of 28 members of our club all arrived punctually in time for the Ken Singleton Trophy which is played every year. The day dawned perfectly, sun rising early, low wind, and with temperatures around 15ºC starting from early on in the day. The competition played in stableford format and in pairs was very close. In third place went to Alan Ford and Richard Bates with 37 points. In second place and with the same score was awarded to Raul Buigues and Norman Bain, and finally the winners of the historic Ken Singleton Trophy thanks to just one point were Rudolf De Vos and Milan Dikken. Congratulations!

On Sunday, 9th April, a total of thirty four players attended their usual monthly game to compete for the first medal cup of spring. The game played out under a splendid sun with a gentle breeze and idyllic temperatures, almost hitting 17ºC. Perhaps this had something to do with the fantastic results that were obtained…. In second category and in third place, was Alan Mullins with 63 points, Victor Ivars finished on 60 points and in first position was Kurt Christen with a wonderful score of 58 points. In first category, the third place was given to Alan Ford with 58 points, and in second place went to Paolo Familari with 56 points and finally, in first place went to our usual winner…..Milan Dikken, thanks to his extraordinary result of 54 points. Congratulations to everybody!

On Wednesday, 5th April, we celebrated the Ladies April Monthly Medal. Ten of our members participated in the tournament.  After the 18 holes, the prize giving was conducted by Helen Harding, our new Lady Vocal.  The results are as follows. In the second category; Third place went to Judy Harland with 72 points, in second place, Helen Harding with 62 points and the winner was Beate Steinebach with 55 points. In the first category: Third place went to Lesley Moore with 69 points, in second place, Marlise Achcar with 65 points and the winner was Anne Bain with 62 points. Congratulations to the winners!

Saturday, 25th March, we celebrated the opening of the Masia Sant Jaume restaurant ( formerly known as the Micheta). The event was a great success, which was attended by a selective group of people from the expat community from the towns of Moraira, Calpe, Benissa, and Benitachell and other surrounding areas as well. Since its opening, the Ifach Golf Club, thanks to its close proximity to the restaurant, can enjoy a great service with a quality menu at reasonable prices. As well as fine dining and gourmet food being an attraction, all our members and visitors alike can enjoy a wide range of games rooms, terraces, indoor patios, outdoor bars complete with swimming pool with spectacular views. Without a doubt, we anticipate many years of success.

On the 26th March, 23 members were given a second chance to play the February medal which had been cancelled due to the heavy rain that we experienced during that month. In this “re-edition” of the event, the players had more luck……as they were able to enjoy a much sunnier atmosphere, without winds, and with maximum temperatures hitting 16ºC. The scores were all generally pretty good as well. In the second category, Victor Ivars was the first to win with a surprising result of 56 points. Antonio Llobell followed with 57 points and John Rhodes with 60 points. In the first category, Alan Neish and Milan Dikken arrived in third and second place (both with 61 points) and finally the winner emerged, with a result of 60 points and that was Rudolf De Vos. Congratulations to everyone!