Rock of Ifach

Calpe is a treat for the senses. Wake up. Start a new day. Forget the time.
You are immersed in the Mediterranean. The blue water. The sun. The sand on your feet. Breathe. Calpe smells of salt. Travel down its streets. They are routes of fishermen who tell stories. Find the countryside. Calpe is a haven for your trip.

The Rock of Ifach custody cultures. See his paths. Find your treasures. Silene breathe. The earth has its legends. Lost voices demand the attention of the Rock.


Calpe overlooking the sea. Wake up. Sunrise at our expense. Find shelter on the beach. No time. You’ve found the Mediterranean. Forget all. You can get lost in the sun. The sand keeps your way. The water on your feet. The Rock guides your path. You can relax. You have everything.

Thirteen miles of coastline keep coves and beaches where you can enjoy the sea. The ISO 9001 and 14001 quality and environmental management along with quality Q of the Arenal-Bol and Fossa-Levante beaches certifications ensure your rest. Our beaches are excellent and are qualified. It’s life. Is Calpe.

The Rock of  Ifach

The “Rock of Ifach”, symbol of the Costa Blanca, is perched at sea and limestone of 50,000 m2 to 332 m. high and a mile long. Earthed by a narrow isthmus, is the product of a landslide in the nearby “Sierra de Oltà” constitute one of the most unique landforms and beauty not only of Valencia but the entire Mediterranean coast.

On both sides of Ifach sandy beaches and clear waters are opened: the “Raise” or “La Fossa” toward the North, of “Cantal Roig” and “Arenal-Bol” to the South, with the “Morro Toix “gives way to the Bay of Calpe.

At his feet are the Real Club Náutico Calpe and fishing port, where the daily catch your prized fishing fleet is received.

It is also a meeting point for climbers and divers from around the world who uphold their resistance continued defiance of nature by walls and depths.