A good destination for play golf

Its unique topography and relief surprises visitors and motivates you to an adventure of discovery for the 8 miles of beaches and coves offering the town.

Teulada-Moraira, a town in the province of Alicante, 120 km from Valencia, and only 80 of the city of Alicante, allowing easy access from National Highway 332 or from the AP7 motorway, exit number 63. Their optimal provides direct communication here with cars, bus (line Alicante-Valencia), train (Denia-Alicante).

Located in the district of Marina Alta, is the neighboring towns Benitachell, Benissa and Gata de Gorgos. Currently, with around 14,000 inhabitants.

The climate is Mediterranean and the average temperature of 18 º throughout the year.

With an altitude of 185 m above sea level, 8 km of coastline and a total area of ​​32 km2, this municipality has two towns, Teulada and Moraira. The rest of the municipality, boasts a magnificent urban planning developed horizontally, thus configuring a garden city characterized by single-family homes, which serve to accommodate both residents and the many visitors who come here for their holidays.


With 8 miles of coastline, awarded the Blue Flag of the European Community, and many lifeguard services and environmental monitoring footbaths, restoration, playground etc … they have earned Teulada-Moraira achieve certification systems ISO 9001 Quality and ISO 14001 Environmental Management. (ver más)

Natural Areas

El Cap d’Or: It is a narrow peninsula jutting into the sea about 1 km. It offers a rich and diverse natural vegetation. Since 2002 is part of the network of micro flora of Valencia. Some of the species of note are: marine gorse, the silene of Ifach, mastic, palmetto and rosemary. As for the wildlife highlights the presence of rabbits, foxes, common hedgehog, badger, marten and lemmings, and birds such as the peregrine falcon, Blue Rock Thrush, Common Swift and partridge. This area has been inhabited since prehistoric times. Proof of this are valuable Paleolithic archaeological sites, found in the Cave of Ash, plus the remains of an Iberian settlement.

La Cova de les Rates: It is a cavity within the vicinity of Cap d ‘Or formed by the erosive action of water on limestone. Since 2004 is declared as WILDLIFE RESERVE by the Department of Planning and Housing of the Generalitat Valenciana, for being one of the most important refuges for various species of bats (“Penades rates”). It is also archaeological site of the Bronze Age and the Iberian period.

La Marjal del Senillar: It is a coastal wetland near the beach l ‘Blister, which has three different environments: the lakes, the banks and dunes, with different species of flora and fauna. It was declared WILDLIFE RESERVE in 2004, as it hosts a fish called “fartet” endangered.

La Solana de Canor y la Serra Cel·letes: Accessed from the National 332. It is a mountainous area with a maximum altitude of 402 m., 130 hectares and an abrupt relief. It was declared in 2006 as Plant microreserves.

La Vall de les Sorts: It is an agricultural valley noted for its vine crops (Roman muscatel), with a significant landscape and environmental value. Therefore the statement is protected landscape since 2006.

(Source: Catalogue “Places of Interest Environmental Township Teulada” Department of Environment).


Visitors who come here can enjoy a varied culinary offerings. In many of Teulada-Moraira restaurants, some of them recommended by the Michelin Guide, you can try delicacies, combining traditional cuisine with other nationalities such as Italian, German, French or oriental.

The fish: With quality brand of Moraira Bahia, caught using fishing gear fish tradicionales.El teuladinas offers different and tasty combinations such as the “putxero of polp” the “soup peix” or other salted frigate, “bull” or “Anxova “.

The rice: is the star of Teulada kitchen with exquisite dishes such as “arròs a banda”, “arròs amb fessols i naps”, “paella amb sardines i espinacs” or “arròs negre” A rice with octopus, “arròs of senyoret “or a casserole of baked rice are definitely something that tastes tradition.

The wine: White: Viña Teulada Mediterranean scented dry flowers, dry semi-Moraira Bay and La Marina, light and with a needle point.

The reds, the young Viña Teulada and parenting Lluna Plena.

Pink Bay of Moraira and Vermouth, red and amoscatelado.

Very original is the Pythagorean, sparkling fine bubbles, and Tegulata, first and only Roman cava made ​​from muscatel.

As for the traditional Moscatel Mistelas highlights “of Teulada Mistela Selecta” and “Moscatel Reserva” Grapes of semipasificadas.