As is the case every year, during the month of May, we celebrate at Ifach, the annual Ladies Championship. This year the competition was held over two days, on the 23rd and the 24th.  14 members competed in the event and despite the weather being overcast and cloudy early on, the sun eventually made an appearance and all enjoyed a pleasant temperature during the game. The winner for this year was Marlis Achcar with 151 points ( 75 for the first day and 76 for the second). Second place was awarded to Rita Linder with 155 points ( 77 for the first day and 78 for the second) and in third place was Anne Bain with 159 points (82 for the first day and 77 for the second). After the competition, the awards ceremony was held in the Clubhouse with every one celebrating together. Congratulations to all!