On Sunday, 8th April, we celebrated the Mens Medal competition for the month of April. On this occasion, a total of 24 members and guests participated, who were all able to enjoy the current exceptional state of the course, under a bright sun with temperatures hovering around 20ºC. Despite the unbeatable conditions for the game, the results were not very satisfactory, except those of the winners, who were able to obtain record scores. Kurt Christen came third in the second category with 59 points, and ahead was Alan Mullins with a good score of 55 points and finally in first place came John Rhodes, who from now on with play in the first category thanks to his incredible result of 54 points. In the first category, Richard Bates and Rudolf De Vos both scored 63 points, taking third and second place respectively. The first place was awarded to our frequent winner, Milan Dikken with another spectacular score of 55 net points. Congratulations to the champions!