On Sunday, 11th March, a total of twenty four players attended their monthly medal competiton for the month of March. The day dawned with pleasant temperatures and few clouds, although as the morning pregressed, strong winds intensified that undoubtedly influenced the scores of some of the players, especially during the second round. Even so, the results were quite spectacular in both categories. In second category, Rolf Luig came third with 58 points, ahead was David Wood, also with 58 points and finally in first place, George Larkin who had to announce himself again as the winner for his fantastic result of 57 points. In the first category, the results were quite similar. In third place, Keith Brothers with 60 points, ahead was Ruud De Vos with 58 points and in first place, Paolo Familari for another fantastic result of 57 points.

The presentation of awards was not only to commemorate the winners. Our Captain, John Rhodes duly asked everyone present for a respectful minutes silence in light of the sudden and unexpected death this week of two of our most experienced and beloved members – Alan Neish and Hugh Grainger. Our deepest condolences go out to their families.