Become a member

Everything is a profit

To be member at Golf Club Ifach you need:

1.- Share cetificate
· To become a member you need to purchase a golf share. The cost of the share depends on the market, but the guideline price is 600,00 €. (*)

2.- Entrance fee
· Also to become a member, an entrance fee has to be paid, which is 1.000 € for an individual person or 1.500 € for a married couple. (*)


The condition to be a member comes with the obligation to pay the annual maintenance fees that has been established with the General Board Members with the yearly meetings.

1.- Maintenance fees
It is obligatory that members pay their quota fee every semester, to ensure good maintenance of the course. The quotas are paid during the months of January and July and are obligatory and they need to be paid by direct debit, regardless of how little or how often you use the course.

Individual quota every 6 months                                243,00 €
Married quota every 6 months                                    387,00 €

2.- Greenfees
Members can choose to pay their greenfees every 6 months and enjoy unlimited play, or pay a small greenfee everytime you play. You can change the way you pay only at the start of each semestre..

Greenfees in full
Individual every 6 months                                           259,00 €
Married couple every 6 meses                                     517,00 €

Greenfees each time
18 holes                                                 14,00 €
9 holes                                                   10,00 €

To inform you that to be a member of Golf Club Ifach includes :

•    Golf club storage room where you can leave your clubs at no extra cost..
•    The possibility to recharge your battery of your electric trolley.
•    You can use our manual golf trolleys with no extra cost.
•    Use of our motor-buggy at a reduced rate.
•    Use of the practice area with no extra cost.
•    Use of our tennis courts with no extra cost. Also for sons/daughters and husband/wife..
•     Also, members of Golf Ifach can benefit from agreements we have with other golf courses.
•    You can also benefit from the agreements that we have established with “Association of Golf Course” of the Costa Blanca.
•    Enjoy other organized tournaments at other courses at reduced prices.
•    Enjoy social events at reduced prices.