Local rules

1. Rules of Golf R & A Rules Limited and the United States Golf Association will be applied.

2. Walls within the course boundary, bridges, all mats on teeing areas and drainage pipes are integral parts of the course.

3. The stones in the bunkers are movable objects and can be removed without penalty.

4. All stakes defining hazards, GUR, obstacles and out of bound areas, posts and tee markers in place are immovable obstructions and may not be moved. Relief may be taken in accordance with rule 24-2 without penalty. (This does not apply if the ball lies within the hazard). Relief may not be taken from out of bounds stakes.


1. When teeing off , the ball must be placed on tee, or similar object.

2. It is prohibited to take practice swings on the tee.

3. Players who are on hole number 8 have priority over players who are playing hole number 2.

4. Players can not use the competition tees without permission beforehand.

5. Each player must have their own clubs.

6. It is not allowed to play without a t-shirt or without socks.